Assumption College
Assumption College San Lorenzo

Mission, Vision, and Core Values

"Jesus Christ brings a liberation that transforms society."

    - Saint Marie Eugenie of Jesus


An innovative Catholic women's college committed to elect education for leadership and social transformation.


Inspired by Blessed Marie Eugenie, we passionately form persons and communities of faith and action through a transformative education that:

    * nurtures faith and spirituality
    * pursues academic excellence for service
    * instills social responsibility


    1. Delight in the Spiritual Adventure with God

    We, the Assumption School Community, believe that the world of today is a place where God continues to speak and be present. Our education makes us sensitive to God's call at the heart of all that we are living that determines our individual and communal choices for God, for country, and for others. We joyfully witness to a "faith that opens horizons, inspires great desires, and encourages creativity." (AIEC '98)
    2. Uniqueness of Earth Person

    We recognize the inherent goodness in each person and the capacity to develop one's fullest potential. Everyone has a mission on earth to serve humanity. We support a culture of affirmation and appreciation of one's gifts and self-worth. In the Assumption, we affirm life in each person and in the whole of creation.
    3. Excellence for Service

    We develop a work ethics that pursues excellence characterized by the formation of the will, enabling us to make a positive and decisive difference. Professionalism in the Assumption leads us to a deeper capacity for love and sacrifice, compelling us to rise above mediocrity. We are guided by a philosophy of transparency, discipline, accountability, and effective implementation.
    4. Learning Community

    "Reality is the point of departure of all educational activities." (AIEC '98) We are a community with a passion for lifelong learning, characterized by relevance, sensitivity, interconnectedness, and resiliency. We are committed to mutually accompany one another in this ongoing formation process. We endeavor to integrate formation in the faith, academic excellence and social responsibility, searching for alternative ways of learning that engenders responsible citizens of society.
    5. Empowerment

    In a genuine relationship of complimentarity, friendship, and equality empowered by a common vision, mission, and spirituality, education in the Assumption is a shared responsibility of the lay and religious. We empower the young to become artisans of their own future in a more humane society.
    6. Collective Social Responsibility

    Social responsibility is an integral dimension of Assumption education. We foster an authentic and visible witness of faith and action. Our social involvements are expressed through our individual initiative, collective efforts, and institutional programs for justice, peace and integrity of creation. We nurture our students, our graduates, and our school community to become a life-giving force in society. We stand as an institution that champions solidarity, justice and social equality.