Assumption College
Assumption College San Lorenzo

Mission, Vision, and Core Values


“Women of Faith, Women of Action” (Saint Marie Eugenie)

An innovative Catholic college, committed to excellent education forming women servant leaders for social transformation.


Inspired by St. Marie Eugenie, we passionately form persons and communities of faith and action through a transformative education that nurtures faith and spirituality, pursues academic excellence for service and instills social responsibility, thus forging “character for life and life for God”. (Saint Marie Eugenie)


  1. To foster sensitivity of God’s call in the world and facilitate a joyful witness to faith in Jesus Christ expressed in individual and communal choices for God and country;
  2. To recognize and affirm the uniqueness and gifts of each person, thus creating an empowered learning community, and
  3. To nurture a culture of excellence for service that compels the lay and religious to become a life-giving force that would bring about justice, peace, care for creation and social equality.


  1. Faith & Spirituality
  2. Academic Excellence for Service
  3. Social Responsibility


Our core values are:

  1. Delight in the Spiritual adventure with God
  2. Uniqueness of Each Person
  3. Excellence for Service
  4. Learning Community
  5. Empowerment
  6. Collective Social Responsibility

Our Students and Graduates: Women of Faith, Women of Action!

Servant leaders who . . . .

  • are motivated by their faith, love for country and fidelity to duty
  • are sensitive and responsive to God’s call
  • are simple in their being
  • are reflective and critical thinkers
  • are innovative and have passion for learning
  • are effective-communicators
  • Respect the dignity of persons
  • Have integrity and the courage to work for truth, justice, peace and care of creation.

Our rallying cry: “AC, your college of choice. We educate, we innovate, we transform.”