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May 5, 2020 

Dear Parents, 

Greetings in Christ! 

This has indeed been a challenging year for all, and we would like to express our gratitude to you for the support, patience, and understanding you showed while students, teachers, and parents alike adapted to the sudden declaration and consecutive extensions of Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). We are tremendously proud of the hard work everyone put in to making our Learning from Home (LFH) system work. 

While LFH was not perfect, we believe we got off to a good start which gives us much to build on for the new school year. In fact, though classes have just ended, teachers will already receive training over the next two weeks so that they can deliver an improved online learning experience. This training will continue during our in-service in June and July. We are also consulting with experts in educational technology so that we can enhance our LFH system. 

Mode of Learning for SY 2020-2021

Next school year, we plan to continue LFH for at least the first two quarters/first semester. We are fine-tuning our curriculum and instruction so that we can easily shift from 100% online learning to blended learning (a combination of online and face-to-face learning with social distancing and staggered schedules) when it becomes safe to do so. If a return to full-time face-to-face instruction on campus becomes an option at some point after the second quarter, we may transition to this. 

In the new school year, we look forward to improving LFH in several ways including, but not limited to, the following: 

  • more frequent sessions for live instruction and regular time slots for consultations, together with independent work time, to ensure that teachers are providing adequate support for students 
  • recordings of live instruction sessions and more teacher-made screencasts to allow students to learn and review at their own pace 
  • a consistent daily schedule, though we will continue to make accommodations for a variety of home situations when necessary 
  • availability of hard copies of materials for pick-up 
  • an orientation for parents at the start of the year 
  • for Grades 1-12, a smaller student-teacher ratio for online learning 
  • for Gr. 1-10, a shift to Schoology, a more convenient Learning Management System (LMS) that is better suited to long-term online/blended learning, with easier ways to access materials and submit work. SHS has been using Schoology for the past two years. Preschool will continue using Google Classroom. 

Summer Bridging Sessions All students are required to attend Summer Bridging Sessions (SBS) which will be conducted online with the enhancements outlined above. These sessions will be part of the new school year’s schedule and there is no additional fee for these classes. SBS will take place from July 20-August 4 followed by a brain break from August 5-10. Regular classes will open on August 11. We will provide additional details in a separate circular. 

Availability of Grades Since we are still on ECQ, the availability of third quarter grades will be delayed as some teachers’ records are still in school. Third and fourth quarter grades will be released simultaneously. An advisory on this will be posted on our official FB account. 

Tuition Fees, Reservation Fees & Online Enrollment There will be no increase in the tuition fee for next school year, and only minimal fees will be charged. 

To get an indicative number of students for planning smaller class sizes, etc. as well as the number of slots to be made available for new applicants, May 8 remains the deadline for reservation fees. If you have any concern regarding this, kindly send us an email through finance@assumption.edu.ph 

Online enrollment will be open by 4th week of May. You may access this through the students portal (https://portal.assumption.edu.ph). Announcements on the flow and other advisories will be posted on our official FB account. 

Living up to the promise of Assumption Education

Assumption shall work to ensure that it provides a Transformative Education even in online and blended learning modalities. We have built in time and opportunities for character formation into the schedule. The formation team, composed of the Christian Life Education (CLE) team, Campus Ministry Office (CMO) and the Center for Social Involvement (CSI) group will plan and implement regular activities to nurture students’ Faith and Spirituality and Social Responsibility. We shall continue to offer Morning Talks, online recollections, prayer/reflection packets and design social responsibility activities that can be carried out even while the students are at home. School and class masses will be made available online and families may participate in these and other liturgical activities. 

These character formation initiatives will go hand in hand with the presence and availability of the Grade Level Leads (GLLs), Class Advisers (CLADs), and the Guidance Mentors (GMs) who will play a proactive role in caring for the students, especially their mental health and wellbeing. 

Though our methods are adapting in response to the call of our times, we remain committed to developing in our students AC’s three pillars: Academic Excellence for Service, Faith and Spirituality, and Social Responsibility. 

Once again, we thank you for working closely with us during these trying times, and we look forward to seeing you again next school year, whether online or in person! 

Sincerely, (Sgd.) (Sgd.) Maria Angela Kara Decloedt Mary Anne Carina Villalon Director for Academic Affairs, P-10 Director for Senior High School 

(Sgd.) Sr. Mary Ignatius Vedua, r.a. Principal 

Center for Social Involvement

Basic Education Center for Social Involvement The CSI directs and facilitates the integration of social responsibility in Assumption education through the implementation of programs and activities aimed to produce authentic witnesses of faith in action.   A. Programs...

2018-2019 Grade 9 Medical Mission: Project HEART

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2018-2019 Grade 10-5 Immersion

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2018-2019 Grade 11 B-3 Immersion

Center for Social Involvement 2018-2019 Grade 11 B-3 Immersion Partner Community: Farmers of Tiaong Quezon Last school year, this batch of students went to Tiaong, Quezon for a whole day farm exposure. They were able to interact with the farmers and...

Henry Sy Sr. Hall

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Creatives Metta Marie Eugenie Theater of the Assumption (METTA) Metta takes its name from the Pali word for ‘loving-kindness’ and ‘friendliness for all.’ In the same essence, the Marie Eugenie Theater of the Assumption, or Metta, combines drama, dance, and music to...

Rehearsal Room

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Ballet Room

Creatives > Metta > Venues Ballet Room The ballet studio, located a few steps away from the auditorium is at the 2nd floor of the Sports Complex. The room is ideal for dance lessons/rehearsals for no more than 20 persons. It is with ceiling to floor mirrors on one...

Blackbox Theater

Creatives > Metta > Venues Blackbox Theater Blackbox Theater are flexible areas typically composed of loose chairs which can easily be moved to allow space for a thrust stage or arena. The Blackbox Theater was constructed in 2008 and is the home of Metta's Acting and...

Mother Rose Auditorium

Creatives > Metta > Venues Mother Rose Auditorium The MRA is an impressive 1,011 seat theater with a proscenium stage. It boasts state of the art sound and light technology, a stunning layout of the orchestra, balcony and parterre boxes, outstanding acoustics, an...


Creatives > Metta Shows November 2019 Romeo and Juliet Book your school tour now! November 11-24, 2019. For ticket reservation, call Adriana Roncesvalles at 0915 239 1275 or at (02) 817 0757 local 1160 or email us at metta.ac@gmail.com April 2020 Metta Musical...


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10th President Investiture Speech

Dr. Angela Fabiola Regala officially took her Oath as the 10th President of Assumption College during her Investiture Ceremony held last August 26, 2020. At the momentous event, this was speech she gave.

Love and Light

A personal message from former president Dr. Carmen Valdes | Today, May 31, 2020, is the last day of my term as president of Assumption College San Lorenzo. It has been my honor and privilege to have served you in the best way I knew how.

Statement on Extra Judicial Killings

Editorial Statement on Extra Judicial Killings | We have seen in the past six weeks a laser-like focus on the need to rid the country of the scourge of drug addiction. We know the pernicious effect of drugs – on the individual, on the family, on the community and on the country as a whole.

Does President Ferdinand Marcos deserve a Hero’s burial?

Editorial statement on former President Ferdinand Marcos’ ‘Hero Burial’ | I believe that every person no matter what they have or have not done in their lives deserves respect even in death. However, to be buried at Libingan ng mga Bayani affirms that those buried there were indeed heroes. And there’s the rub.

Dr. Pinky Valdes: From Girl Power to Brain Power

An article from peopleasia.ph | “People always say that I’m outside the box. I’m very innovative, I’m very creative, I want to move things forward, I want to break the walls of Assumption, I want to be much more holistic … Let’s put it this way; I want to embrace and expand what Assumption San Lorenzo does,” Pinky shares.

Assumption’s New President Out to Build More Women Leaders

An article from lifestyle.inquirer.net | Dr. Carmen Lourdes “Pinky’ Valdes, a former nun, is AC’s ninth president and the first lay leader to steer the nearly 60-year-old education institution known for producing alumnae who blaze trails in government service, the arts and business.

The Gathering Storm

Published on opinion.inquirer.net by Rina Jimenez-David | The “Parliament of the Streets,” the series of protests, marches, organizing meetings, symposia, even fashion shows, concerts and comedy acts that marked the post-Ninoy Aquino assassination period, will always be remembered as the political “coming out” of the Filipino middle class.

DR. CARMEN “PINKY” VALDES: “Change Is Also Here”

Feature at People Asia | All her life, Pinky has had a unique way of looking at the world. “I believe life is much better than people think,” she explains. “I always like to look at the whole picture because you’ll see that there is more positive than negative.”

Assumption President’s Letter on “Kian Delos Santos”

As we mourn the deaeth of Kian, we mourn with cries for due process and justice in our country. In the face of such injustice, we join our voices with our colleagues in many academic institutions who stand by the truth: “we are our brother’s keeper.”

A Letter to AC Teachers and Students

To students I say: be a “Horatio” for each other. See the nobility in the heart of your classmate and in your teachers and parents, too. To teachers I say, it is our call to see beyond the “shell” of fear and confusion in our students; and with tenderness, nurture the nobility in every student’s heart.

A Voice for the Pre-Teens

We, as a school, are dedicated to the developmenet of the young – we should always speak and stand for the rights of the children and pre-teens. Be their voice wherever you are.

Triple Filter Test by Socrates

Keep this in mind the next time you are about to repeat a rumor or spread gossip. “Take a moment to filter what you’re going to say. The first filter is Truth; the second is Goodness, and the third is Usefulness.”

Pope Francis tells Bishop Ambo: Courage!

On my way out, after I received his gift, I was ready to step out already when he held my arm and said, “Wait. Please let me give you a special blessing. I want you to know I am with you as you face trials in your ministry in your diocese.”

Contact Information

Admission Contact Information Graduate School and College Admissions Telefax: (632) 8817-7773 Direct Line: (632) 8810-5083 Trunkline: (632) 8817-0757 loc. 2050 Mobile: 0927.966.2341 / 0926.728.0980 Email Address: cmar@assumption.edu.ph Home Action Now President's...

Grad School Download Forms

Admission Download Forms These are the available forms for download. Grad School Application Form Grad School Recommendation Form (2 Copies) PDF Applications for printing and submission to: College and Graduate School Admissions Office Assumption College, San Lorenzo,...

Test Schedules

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Admission Requirements

Admission Admission Requirements The following documents shall be secured by the admissions office prior to enrollment. These documents shall be endorsed to the records office with an accompanying signed receipt at an appointed time:   Original PSA birth certificate...

Application Requirements

Admission Application Requirements Any qualified individual with a bachelor’s degree from a college or university may apply for Admission to the Graduate School. The original transcript of records from the university/college graduated from is required. Applicants...

How to apply

Admissions > Grad School How to apply APPLICATION PROCEDURE 1. Graduate School Entrance Exam is waived until further notice. 2. Accomplish application form and two reference forms (click here for the forms) 3. Submit a scanned copy of Transcript of Records, Resume,...


Admission Welcome Dear Applicant, Thank you for considering Assumption College for your graduate studies. I am certain that you will realize many, if not all, of your potentials during your stay with us. The Graduate School is open to women and men and carries a proud...

Contact Information

Admissions Contact Information College Admissions Telefax: (632) 8817-7773 Direct Line: (632) 8810-5083 Trunkline: (632) 8817-0757 loc. 2050 Mobile: 0927-966-2341/ 0926-728-0980 Email Address: admissions@assumption.edu.ph   Facebook Account Name: Assumption College...

Application School Year 2020-2021

Admissions Application School Year 2020-2021 October 2019 October 5 October 12 October 19 October 26 Time: 8:00 am November 2019 November 16 November 23 Time: 8:00 am Home President's Corner About Us Basic Education College Graduate School METTA iNAy CASA Henry Sy Sr....

Download Forms

Admissions Download Forms Apply online here | Application requirements | Admissions Requirements | Contact These are the available forms for download. For Incoming Freshman: • AC Student Privacy Notice and Consent Form • Application Form • Guidance Counselor...

Application School Year 2020-2021

Admissions Application School Year 2020-2021 October 2019 October 5 October 12 October 19 October 26 Time: 8:00 am November 2019 November 16 November 23 Time: 8:00 am Home President's Corner About Us Basic Education College Graduate School METTA iNAy CASA Henry Sy Sr....

Admissions Requirements

Admissions > College Admissions Requirements Apply online here | Application requirements | Downloadable Forms | Contact The following documents shall be secured by the admissions office prior to enrollment. These documents shall be endorsed to the records office with...

Application Requirements

Admissions > College Application Requirements Apply online here | Admissions Requirements | Downloadable Forms | Contact Application Form All applicants must complete the online application which may be obtained from this link, https://bit.ly/AC_CollegeOnlineApp,...

How to Apply

Admissions > College How to Apply Click here to apply online           Assumption College, San Lorenzo Drive San Lorenzo Village, Makati City 1223 Trunkline: (632)8817-0757 For Admissions Inquiry Pre-school to Senior High School Admissions Office Direct...


Admissions Welcome Entrance Exams are waived for SY 2022-2023 Apply online here | Application requirements | Admissions Requirements | Downloadable Forms | Contact APPLY...

Student Services

In order to ensure the total development of Assumption students, the College provides and implements student personnel services which promote growth of persons-in-community, develop leaders, and foster an environment of mutual trust and respect, concern and freedom in the campus.


The Guidance Program aims to serve the needs of individual students in terms of holistic growth and development. It is designated to assist the student in adapting to life challenges, decision making and developing a sense of service so that in turn, she may contribute to the growth and development of others in the community in which she lives.

Student Activity Center

Complementing the Academic Program are different programs for students coordinated by the Office of Student Affairs. These cover both extracurricular activities through the Assumption Student Council and Student Organizations as well as co-curricular activities which are coordinated with Department Chairpersons.

Student Council

The Assumption Student Council (ASC) is the official student government of the Assumption College. It is an autonomous body, and the unified and democratic representative of the student body. The ASC is composed of the Assumption Executive Council (the President, Internal Vice-President, External Vice218 assumption college President, Organizational Vice-President), committee heads (Legal Committee Head, Finance Committee Head, Information Committee Head), Year Level Representatives, and the year block representatives.

Student Organizations & Associations

The STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS AND ASSOCIATIONS are learning extensions, venues for practical application of theories learned in the classroom. They are not only co-curricular in nature but are oriented towards service to the school and the bigger society.

Athletic Varsity Team

The Higher Education Division offers the field of Athletic Varsity Team which opens doors to students who exhibit their unique excellence through sports. The College division has a total of seven (7) varsity teams namely Badminton, Basketball, Futsal, Pep Squad, Swimming, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, and Volleyball.

Center for Social Involvement

The Center for Social Involvement (CSI) was established in 1975 as a center for Assumption students seeking a more meaningful and relevant education. THE CENTER for SOCIAL INVOLVEMENT aims to: Conceptualize, propose, and implement programs for the development of the social awareness, commitment and action of the school community.

Support Service Unit

Learning Resource Center: Library Hours, Users and Rules. Clinic: Medical Services for Students and Dental Services for Students.

Food Service

Meals and snacks are available for sale in the Commons (canteen) and food booths located at strategic places. They are open to accommodate the students during their recess and lunch breaks during school days.


The Milleret Bookstore is open on weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The School community may purchase books, uniforms, and school/office supplies during these store hours.

Treasurer’s Office

Contact Details:
8817.0757 loc. 1057 or 8817.4856/8817.7893
Payment can be made thru Cash, checks & credit card. We accept all major credit cards except Amexco & Diners Card.


The Assumption College dormitory is a housing facility for students. A student’s admission into the College Dormitory means that she observes the policies and rules. The Dormitory Administrative Team reserves the right to institute sanctions, or separation from the dormitory. Students assume the responsibility of abiding by the guidelines set in the Dormitory Handbook.

Milleret School of Business & Management for Women (MSBMW)

The school offers dynamic interdisciplinary educational programs that combine a strong business and management education core with professional courses, general education, leadership and entrepreneurship to develop well-balanced and competent business professionals.

Marie Eugenie School for Innovative Learning (MESIL)

The Marie Eugenie School for Innovative Learning is a progressive concept in tertiary education, conceptualized for the purpose of harnessing the qualities that create highly skilled educators, communicators, psychologists, interior designers and practitioners in the performing arts as trailblazing leaders.

Assumption College, San Lorenzo Drive
San Lorenzo Village, Makati City 1223
Trunkline: (632)8817-0757

For Admissions Inquiry

Pre-school to Senior High School
Admissions Office Direct Line: (632)8892-6159
Mobile: Globe 09957232646
Smart 09994154039
Trunkline: (632) 8817-0757 loc 3020
Email: acmakatibedadmissions@assumption.edu.ph

Telefax: (632) 8817-7773
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Trunkline: (632) 8817-0757 loc. 2050
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Email: admissions@assumption.edu.ph